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Chef Matthew Hawkins

Cannabis Muskoka Expo / Chef Matthew Hawkins

Chef Matthew Hawkins

Red Seal Chef


Co owner of Facade, a cannabis cuisine company

Partnered with Pa.Nache in Toronto as the Finest experience of high end cannabis cuisine


  • 20 plus years of cannabis cultivation starting as Medical grower for Vancouvers 1st compassion club ( VCC) and for Torontos 1st Compassion club ( C.A.L.M)
  • Red Seal Chef with 10 years of cooking with cannabis
  • 3 yrs of teaching medical patients and seniors how to safely dose and create edibles thru clinics and seniors centres
  • 1 yr of cannabis consultation for companies on edibles
  • My topic will be the “promoting safe consumption of edibles”..
  • lead off with clinical pharmacokinetics of cannabinoids graph
  • DELTA9THC vs 11HYDROXY THC (difference of how the body takes cannabinoids smoking vs eating)
  • Micro dosing then lastly
  • Antedotes for over consumption (CBD, the EpiPen if u will)

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