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Craig McEachern

Cannabis Muskoka Expo / Craig McEachern

Craig McEachern

Kawartha Knowledge Share Co-Op


Craig McEachern started Kawartha Knowledge Share Co-Op with Health Canada approved grower Mr. Parsons for sharing knowledge of the Cannabis plant, and eradicating the century-long stigma.

Who’s Craig?

A decade long medicinal patient treating Epilepsy, almost 20 years working in the smoking accessory industry (Head Of Sales – Chills Canada), and a Cannabis Advocate for medicinal health and access, Craig will share his story, his strength, and the scalable model that KKSC has been built on.

Kawartha Cannabis Club, is a grassroots sharing, trading barter network for recreational Cannabis growers and licensed ACMPR members based in Peterborough.

Acquire Knowledge – Share Knowledge – Cooperate Together

Craig is excited and honoured to be a speaker at Cannabis Muskoka.

Speaker Focus: Holistic Health and Cannabis – Why Advocacy?

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